Articles written by: Katie Hansen

Trading Wire: Consensus Projections on Shares of AGNC Investment Corp. (NASDAQ:AGNC)

Sell-side analysts are projecting that AGNC Investment Corp. (NASDAQ:AGNC) will report a current quarter EPS of 0.6 when the company issues their next quarterly report. This is the consensus number according to data provided by Zacks Research. This estimate is using projections given by 3 sell-side analysts. Last quarter, the company posted a quarterly EPS of 0.63. How the estimated […]

Caledonia Mining Corporation Plc (TSX:CAL) Adjusted Slope Touches -23.17002 On the Quant Meter

When looking to find solid stocks with smooth upward momentum, investors can take a look at the 125/250 day adjusted slope indicator.  At the time of writing Caledonia Mining Corporation Plc (TSX:CAL) have a current value of -23.17002.  The point of this calculation is to calculate a longer term average adjusted slope value that smooths out large stock price movements by using the average of the timeframe. […]

Abcam Plc (ABC.L): Technicals in Focus

The Percentage Price Oscillator has been recently spotted below the signal line on shares of Abcam Plc (ABC.L). Traders watching these levels may be tracking the stock and watching for possible bearish momentum. Some investors may be struggling after adding the wrong stocks to the portfolio. Creating a specific plan for investing may help turn the ship around. The stock […]

Empire Oil Refineries Corp (EORZ) Money Flow Index Levels in Focus

The Money Flow Index of Empire Oil Refineries Corp (EORZ) this week has placed the shares on the radar as it nears the key 70 or 80 level.  At the time of writing the MFI is holding above 60 and trending higher for the name.  The Money Flow Index creates a ratio of Positive Money Flow and Negative Money Flow […]

Wesfarmers Limited (ASX:WES), Technicolor SA (ENXTPA:TCH) By The Numbers: A Look Inside Quant Data

Today we are spotlighting shares of Wesfarmers Limited (ASX:WES) and looking at how the firm stacks up in terms of valuation by the numbers.  One of the most important ratios to look at when weighing an investment decision is the Return on Equity of the company.  At the time of writing Wesfarmers Limited has an ROE of 0.052606. With ROE, Investors can see […]