Nam Un dam discharging less water

SAKON NAKHON: Authorities have reduced water discharge from Nam Un dam in Phang Khon district of this northeastern province from 10 to 8 million cubic metres per day. The move should lessen the impact on people living along the Nam Un river, easing the flooding of roads and farmland.

Withaya Chanchalong, the Sakon Nakhon governor, said that the original plan called for an Aug 26-30 discharge rate of 10 million cu/m per day from the dam, now holding 563 million cu/m of water or 108% of its safe maximum capacity. That rate has been reduced to eight million cu/m per day since Aug 28 following complaints from affected people.

Local residents have been informed of the reduction of the water discharge rate, he said.

The governor added that detour signs have been erected along Highway 2094, which was under 30 centimetres of water at kilometre marker 62 in Akat Amnuay district. Highway officials have been assigned to man the spot around the clock, he said.