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Global Cord Blood Corp (CO): With Support at $6.49 and Resistance at $6.76, Is it a Buy?

Traders are taking a second look at how shares of Global Cord Blood Corp (CO) have been performing lately. A favorite tool among technical stock analysts is the moving average. Moving averages are considered to be lagging indicators that simply take the average price of a stock over a specific period of time. Moving averages can be very useful for […]

Guangshen Railway (GSH) Given a Buy” 20-Day Moving Average Signal

Investors may be tracking certain levels on shares of Guangshen Railway (GSH). The current 50-day Moving Average is 19.73, the 200-day Moving Average is 22.86, and the 7-day is noted at 20.99. Moving averages can help spot trends and price reversals. They may also be used to help find support or resistance levels. Moving averages are considered to be lagging […]

Hurco Cos Inc (HURC): With Support at $39.99 and Resistance at $40.69, Is it a Buy?

Investors are keeping a close eye on levels of Hurco Cos Inc (HURC). The Average Directional Index or ADX is a technical analysis indicator used to describe if a market is trending or not trending. The ADX alone measures trend strength but not direction. Using the ADX with the Plus Directional Indicator (+DI) and Minus Directional Indicator (-DI) may help […]

Territorial Bancorp (TBNK) Bollinger Band Near-Term Signal Hits Buy Rating

The Relative Strength Index (RSI) is a highly popular momentum indicator used for technical analysis. The RSI can help display whether the bulls or the bears are currently strongest in the market. The RSI may be used to help spot points of reversals more accurately. The RSI was developed by J. Welles Wilder. As a general rule, an RSI reading […]

Four Seasons Education [Cayman] Inc (FEDU) Trendspotter Signal Reading “Sell”

Four Seasons Education [Cayman] Inc (FEDU) is seeing a Weak signal strength of “Sell”.  This signal utilizes a system that involves volatility, momentum, and wave theory to help reveal the general trend.  Four Seasons Education [Cayman] Inc (FEDU) has a 20-day moving average signal of “Sell”.  This short term signal is used to observe price changes.  Taking a look at the […]