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Crosshatching the Charts: SMI in Focus For HSBC Holdings Plc (HSBC)

The Stochastic Momentum Index (SMI) for HSBC Holdings Plc (HSBC) has pinging above +40, reaching key levels.  The most common method of using SMI is to look for buy trades when the SMI falls under -40 and then rises back above through -40.  Sell trades are looked for when the SMI rises above +40 and then falls back below +40.  The SMI is […]

Following the Numbers: Technical Watch on Shares of Translate Bio Inc (TBIO)

Investors may be setting their sights on shares of Translate Bio Inc (TBIO). After a recent scan, we have seen that the 50-day MA vs Price signal is providing a reading of Buy. Looking at the signal direction, we have noticed that it is showing a Strongest. Investors may also be looking to gauge the strength of this signal. Checking […]

Moving Averages Say Sell: Detailed Look at Bio-Path Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ:BPTH)

Bio-Path Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ:BPTH) ran -3.2558138 after opening at $2.08.  100 shares traded hands for the 1455446.1 market cap company.  Bio-Path Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ:BPTH) is a “Sell” according to the social consensus.  Investors may be looking into the crystal ball trying to calculate where the equity market will be shifting as we move into the second half of the year. Investors […]

The Linde Group (LIN.DE) SMI Pointing to Potential Moves

Investors are delving into the details on shares of The Linde Group (LIN.DE).  The share price has climbed the ladder moving past the Stochtastic Momentum Index of +40, indicating possible overbought territory.   The Stochastic Momentum Index, or SMI, is a more refined version of the original stochastic oscillator, employing a wider range of values and having a higher sensitivity to closing prices. The Stochastic […]

Technical Review: Percentage Price Oscillator Histogram Above Zero for Davita Healthcare Partners Inc (DVA)

After a recent stock scan on shares of Davita Healthcare Partners Inc (DVA), we have observed that the Percentage Price Oscillator Histogram level is over zero. Traders following the indicator may be using the reading to spot a buying opportunity. Making smart choices when picking stocks is typically a top priority for successful investors. For new investors with little market […]