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Share Performance Check on Yestar International (2393.HK): Move -2.14%

Putting the focus on shares of Yestar International (2393.HK) we have noted that the stock price has dropped -2.14% over the last month. Looking back over the last half-year, we can see that the stock has changed -23.75%. Over the past year, shares have seen a change of -37.76%. Following recent price performance, shares have changed 5.78% over the last […]

Technical Focus on These Shares: Fidelity D & D Bancorp Inc (FDBC)

Traders following current indicator levels on shares of Fidelity D & D Bancorp Inc (FDBC) can note that the short-term MACD indicator is presently reading a Sell. The MACD is typically used to measure bullish or bearish price movements. The MACD signal direction is currently reading Weakest. Switching to another short-term indicator, we have noted that the current 7-day average […]

Flowserve Corporation (FLS) Has Shareholder Yield of 0.015211

Shareholder yield has gained increased attention in recent months as a key valuation metric. The measure compares the cash flow a firm is “returning to shareholders” to a stock’s market value. Shareholder yield is similar to the price-to-free cash flow ratio or enterprise value-to-EBITDA. Like those more traditional measures, shareholder yield attempts to show the relationship between cash generated by […]

Market Tracker: Shares Sliding Down -9.62% Over the Last Month: Water Oasis Group Ltd (1161.HK)

After a recent check, we have noted that Water Oasis Group Ltd (1161.HK) shares have dropped -9.62% lower over the past 4-weeks. Checking on performance over the last 5 trading days, shares have changed -2.08%. For the last 6-months, shares have changed -6.00%. Over the last full year, shares have moved 13.25%. As we close in on the end of […]

Chartists Place Liberty Media F1 Series K (FWONK) on Notice: Technical Update

Shares of Liberty Media F1 Series K (FWONK) are on watch as the Tenkan Line has moved above the  Kijun line, indicating positive momentum for the equity.  Liberty Media F1 Series K moved -0.42 in the most recent session and touched 34.80 on a recent tick.  The Tenkan Line or Tenkan Sen (Sen means line in Japanese) is known as the conversion line […]