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Chaikin Levels Steady For First Trust Mega Cap AlphaDEX ETF ($:FMK$):: 20 day Hits -0.5354211

Individual investors are constantly hearing about the next hot stock to buy. Acting purely on these types of tips can be hazardous to the portfolio if the research is not completed. Sometimes these stock tips will pan out and be correct, other times they can leave the investor wondering why they acted on the speculative advice. Even if a stock […]

Tracking Ichimoku Levels for This Stock: MTS Systems Corporation (NASDAQ:MTSC): Cloud Conversion Line Hits 52.705

Stock market reversals can occur at any time. When these corrections happen, the investing world may be quick to make over the top predictions. Looking at the current health of the overall stock market, it is important to remember that market corrections can be quite normal in bull market runs. Investors may use a down day to buy some names […]

Ichimoku Cloud Conversion of 88.175 for Vanguard Long-Term Corporate Bd ETF (NASDAQ:VCLT): What Does It Mean?

Investors often have to decide how aggressive they are going to be in the stock market. Having the mindset of getting rich quick may result in the rapid loss of capital. Of course, there are those who have possibly had luck on their side, but jumping in head first without a plan can be a recipe for disaster. It may […]

Ichimoku Cloud Conversion of 18.06 for Northwest Bancshares, Inc. (NASDAQ:NWBI): What Does It Mean?

For many individual investors, deciding the proper time to sell a stock may be just as important as figuring out which stocks to buy at the outset. Investors may be reviewing the portfolio and looking at some stocks that have taken off and made a big run to the upside. When this occurs, investors may need to make the tough […]

Ichimoku Signal Watch for Corbus Pharmaceuticals Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ:CRBP): Cloud Conversion Line Reading is (9, 26, 52, 26)}} forCorbus Pharmaceuticals Holdings, Inc.

As the next earnings season comes into focus, investors will be keeping watch on the performance of companies that they own. A company that continually exceeds earnings projections is most likely on the right track. On the other end of the spectrum, a company that frequently misses earnings projections might provide some insight to the fact that something isn’t right. […]