Shares Under Review: ProShares Ultra Financials (:UYG): 20 Day Lower Keltner Band is 40.127316

Many individuals may have a tough time trying to figure out what actually drives financial markets. There are plenty of investing strategies and trading systems that individuals can use when trying to navigate the stock market. Sudden stock market moves can be mysterious, especially if the move goes against what professionals are expecting. When traders are just starting out, major market shifts can have the ability to wreak havoc if they are unprepared. Nobody wants to be on the losing end of a trade, but the reality is that it can happen at any time. Being prepared for the unknown isn’t easy, but it may be a good way to help ease the burden when markets get choppy.

Investors might be looking around every corner when analyzing shares of ProShares Ultra Financials (:UYG). Many investors will closely track a stock when it nears a major historical high or low point. Let’s take a quick peek at some major historical highs and lows for the stock:

All time high: 123.48321
All time low: 2.2833312
52 week high: 46.71
52 week low: 28.46
6 month high: 46.71
6 month low: 28.46
3 month high: 41.64
3 month low: 28.46
One month high: 41.64
One month low: 38.49

Traders using technical analysis may be employing moving average indicators to assist with gauging a certain market move or to indicate its strength. Many traders will rely on the EMA or Exponential Moving Average to accomplish this. Checking on some recent levels we can see that the 10 day EMA is 40.823235, the 20 day is 40.606308, and the 30 day is 40.456673. Pulling back a bit, we note that the 100 day EMA is 39.161655, the 50 day is 40.02873, and the 200 day EMA is 39.07334.

A good way for investors to understand stock price movements is to look at how it has performed at various intervals in the past. Tracking shares of ProShares Ultra Financials (:UYG), we see that the most recent close price was 41.37
Year-to-date: 26.793379
Prior week: 5.0546103
Prior month: 4.1551247
Last 6 months:-7.986652
Last 3 months: 16.21242

After a recent check, we see that the Bull Bear Power reading is 1.1749865. Moving to some volatility readings, we see that the current value is 1.3417907. Looking out for the week, volatility is 1.5975785. For the previous month, volatility is at 1.6656206. Investors often track volatility across sectors to compare with the overall volatility in the market.

Traders use pivot point analysis to help determine key levels where a stock price may react. Tracking these turn around levels may help the trader while attempting stock analysis. Looking at some current one month pivots, we note that the Fibonacci pivot is 39.84667 while the Fibonacci support 1 pivot is 38.742687, and the Fibonacci support 2 is 38.060646. Checking on the one month Woodie pivot, we note the level at 40.0025. The Woodie support 1 pivot is 38.505, and the Woodie resistance 1 pivot is 41.395.

Successful traders are typically skilled at building highly disciplined trading systems. These systems that they create may range from very simple to highly complex. Traders may need to fine tune the system to suit their specific needs and goals. Finding a little edge can lead to big rewards when dealing with the stock market. It is important to remember that a trading system that works for one person may not work for another. Novice traders may realize how hard it is to actually bring home healthy returns. Acquiring the necessary knowledge may take a long time, but putting in the effort and doing all the homework may help give the trader an advantage over the long run. Many successful stock market traders will be the first ones to admit that finding success is not going to happen overnight. Staying disciplined and being able to learn from mistakes can also go a long way when dealing with the ever-changing equity market landscape.

Following recent trading activity, we note that ProShares Ultra Financials (:UYG) has seen a move of -0.31325302% since the open. The prior close was 41.37 and the one month high price is currently 41.64.

Shifting the technical focus to Keltner Channels, we see that the 20 day upper envelope is 41.085304. The 20 day lower envelope is currently 40.127316. Traders may be watching for a breakthrough of the higher or lower Keltner bands.